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Free Planning Guide

The key to any successful advertising or promotional campaign is careful planning. This easy-to-use guide was created to help you plan an effective and successful campaign and to choose promotional products that will help you achieve your marketing goals. These 10 quick steps will put you on solid footing for success. Answer the questions and we’ll email you your own promotional plan that you can use to keep your project focused.

Get started now or download a copy of the planning guide to fill out later.

    1. What are you Marketing?

    Your objectives are the foundation of your campaign. Indicate the marketing objective(s) you hope to achieve.

    Create GoodwillIncrease sales revenueExpress appreciationReward customer loyaltyEncourage innovationIncrease repeat businessCelebrate anniversariesImprove employee moraleIncrease market shareStimulate trade show trafficIntroduce new products or servicesAttract a new generation of buyersImprove customer relationsPromote your websiteAnnounce special offersAnnounce a new openingEducate present or prospective buyersReactivate old accountsPromote employee safetyIncrease unit of saleOther

    2. Who is your audience?

    Knowing who you want to influence will help you choose the right promotion products for the job.

    Present customersProspective customersSalespeopleVIPsEmployeesSales RepsManagers

    3. How many?

    How many people are in your target audience? Use the 80/20 rule to develop your marketing strategy.


    4. What is your budget?

    Please note, budgets are simply guidelines to help determine the types of products selected.

    5. What is your theme?

    Is it fun? Is it serious? Is it professional? Is it relaxed? Will you use a tagline or thematic graphic? Briefly describe your theme below.

    6. Distribution

    How will the promotional items be delivered to your audience?

    Presented directly to a customer as a business giftHanded to visitors at trade showsShipped to customers as a gift or referral incentiveAwarded to salespeople as an incentivePresented to visitors by receptionist or official greeterGiven as a premium on condition that a specific purchase is madeOther

    7. What types of product(s) are you considering?

    This is where the rubber meets the road. If you can think it, we can find it. Keep in mind, the item used does not always have to be related to your product line. Describe the product(s) below.

    I need help finding the right product(s)

    8. What is the message or graphics that will be used?

    Be careful not to print too much information in a small print area. When in doubt, it's better to say less than more. A simple illustration and a couple of words may be sufficient. Describe your message below.

    I need help developing a message

    9. Is special packaging required?

    Special packaging may add to the impact of your presentation. Describe any special packaging ideas/instructions below.

    I won't need special packaging

    10. Seek professional help.

    Consider Thomas Promotions as an extension of your marketing team. We offer many years of experience and product knowledge to assist you during any phase of your promotional campaign. We can help.

    Let's talk. Please give me a call.