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What We Do…

Delight our clients! …with fast, efficient and on time service, every time!

Delivering a great customer experience begins by us understanding your priorities, your vision for growth, who your target audience is, and you’re company’s objectives for each project. We’re now celebrating our 28th year in business and we’re happy to say we’re in the top 3% of all ASI distributors in this great industry.

We are a fast acting, nimble group of professionals who have fun being creative for our clients. Any promotional merchandise company can slap your logo on a coffee mug or pen. At Thomas, we keep the process simple, fast and accurate.  We ask questions, define the scope of work and get it done!  We know that it’s less about must-have merchandise and more about connecting a product with your objectives to bring your brand message, and your company vision to life.

We pride ourselves on building strategic connections with our clients so that they consider us part of their team. We do this by being exceptionally detail-oriented and focused on understanding your priorities. Our culture is built upon experimenting and experience…we will tinker with a project until we know we’re delivering the wow-factor our clients deserve.