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Idea Starters

Have an extra special event coming up? Looking for something a little unique? Or just need some fresh ideas? At Thomas Promotions, we’ve been helping organizations find solutions for their promotional and marketing needs for over a quarter century. We have the experience to match just the right product to your specific situation. Just give us a call at 888-327-3513 and we’ll take it from there.

And… if you really need a jump start on your thinking process, get the ball rolling with our free 10-step planning guide. Or check out some of the successful campaigns and projects we’ve implemented for other customers to help get your creative juices flowing.

Need Some Inspiration?

Check out these two special projects.

Rain Bird Shift Gears Online Store Case Study


A privately held company founded in 1933, Rain Bird Corporation was seeking to introduce a new rotor sprinkler system to their domestic distributors by asking them to tout the benefits to their customers through sales calls and product demonstrations. Sales techniques included “Shift Gears” tailgate parties for the Rain Bird clients at which they received many promotional mementos.

I-Flow Online Store Case Study


In 2003 the I-Flow Corporation was seeking to increase their market share of their unique post-op pain pumps by hiring a national sales force to demonstrate their product in hospitals and clinics across the US. Through product innovation and strategic acquisitions, the company was emerging as a leader in pain management by offering highly effective therapies for physicians and their patients. I-Flow’s pain management products provide reliable and simple regional anesthesia techniques that eliminate many of the side effects customarily associated with narcotics and general anesthesia which then results in shorter hospital stays and reduced costs.